Thierry Pete, отзыв

Thierry Pete

Thierry Pete

Alexandra Chocolade, Директор,

We have been working with Redbee for a few months for SEO, Yandex.Direct advertisement, internet site review. Our first meeting was to define the area in which Redbee is going to work, we received from Redbee a lot of interesting comment about our internet site (How to review it and be much more powerful with our internet shop), we received not only technical comments but also about digital marketing.

I could define Redbee as very professional and serious company by means of different contacts and also with the different references.

Each month we are receiving reports of the activities, SEO positioning reports, Yandex. Direct results
When we have problems, Redbee is always there for helping.

Подлинная копия отзыва с печатью и подписью.

Наши контакты:

(495) 646-12-69
г. Дубна, ул. 9 мая, 7В, оф 167
г. Москва, ул. Окская 13, БЦ «Москвичка»
Время работы:
Пн-чт: 9:00-18:00
Пт: 9:00-17:00
Реквизиты организации:
ООО «Редби»
ОГРН 1057746878420
ИНН/КПП 7714600831 / 771401001
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